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Welcome to God’s Country

Triple B Farm, Buckhead, Georgia

The Triple B Farm is a beautiful piece of land with rolling fields and two large flat areas for the main stage and camping. It’s bordered by old-growth trees and is a perfect location for music, camping and an overall good time. The main concert area will not be covered, so be sure and bring your sunscreen, shades and a hat.

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Quick FAQs

Q: What can we bring into the concert area?
A: We will allow bottled water, although there will be a bottled water vendor on site. No coolers or glass containers will be permitted into the fenced-in concert area. Please do not bring glass at all (even into the camping areas). Our goal is to leave the property in pristine condition - we want to be invited back!

Q: What is the Triple B Farm street address?
A: 1200 Bonner Lane, Buckhead, GA 30625

Q: Are there hotels in Buckhead?
A: No, but there are numerous hotels in Madison (exit 114) and Greensboro (exit 130).

Q: Are there ATMs on site?
A: No, but there are numerous banks in Madison (exit 114). All sales at the event are CASH ONLY. We will not accept checks or credit cards!

Q: Is there a charge for camping and parking?
A: A $10 fee for camping and parking is already included in each ticket price. This is a bargain price and keeps things simple.

Q: Will you be allowing re-entry to the festival site?
A: Once a ticket is scanned, it is no longer valid for re-entry into the festival. The same applies for the Will-Call list. If you plan on staying off site, we suggest buying 2 Single Day tickets.


Q: Will kids be charged an entrance fee?
A: No. Kids 12 and under will be admitted free. Anyone over 12 must purchase a ticket.

Q: Will there be a kid’s area or activities for kids under 12?
A: Yes, we will have a kid’s camp set up with activities suited to our younger fans. See “Kids Zone” below. Attendees and their safety remain the sole responsibility of their parents; therefore, parents must accompany their young ones during their stay.

Q: Will dogs be allowed?
A: No. We love dogs but can not bear the responsibility for misbehaving canines.

Arrival & Departure

You Don’t Have To Go Home But You Can’t Stay Here

The parking lot and campground will open at 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 8, 2008 for Weekend Ticket holders. Please do not come early -- you will be turned away! Checkout time at The Mars Hotel is at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 11, 2008.

Not if you have a Weekend Pass. Once your Weekend Pass is scanned it will no longer be valid for re-entry. The same thing applies for the Will-Call list. If you plan on catching the shows and staying off site, we suggest buying 2 Single Day Tickets. Just remember, the same rule applies though – once the single day ticket is scanned it is no longer valid for re-entry into the festival.


Let’s Spend The Night Together

The Triple-B Farm is in a secluded area on acres and acres of beautiful rolling hills, surrounded by trees and a small creek. There will be three camping areas: regular tent/vehicle field camping, a buses/RVs area and a family “Q on the S” (quiet on the set) camping area.

There will be plenty of space in “Midnight Town” for tent/vehicle camping, RVs, pull-behinds and buses.

RV/bus/pull-behind camping is located in a zoned, semi-level section at the front of the camping area. If you have a vehicle along with the RV, bus or pull-behind trailer, it can park in the RV section. There are no hookups, no dumping stations, or electricity. The RV/Bus section is on first-come, first-served basis, and spaces cannot be guaranteed. We will not mandate a “quiet time” for generators to be shut down, but will ask that you keep generator use to a minimum in order to ensure a quiet, peaceful experience for other campers.


Not for Kids Only
We are excited to have a kid’s camp set up with activities suited to our younger fans. This includes:
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Face Painting
  • Performances by visiting Artists
  • Dress Up
  • And kids only jam sessions! Jelly for Biscuits anyone?

IMPORTANT! While the Kid’s Zone has been designed with safety and security in mind, it is not intended to be a daycare facility. Its attendees and their safety remain the sole responsibility of their parents; therefore, parents must accompany their young ones during their stay.

What To Bring

What’cha Packin?

Plan on bringing rain gear in case a shower pops up. Pack clothes for warm days and a chill at night. Also, an extra pair of shoes or sneakers is a good idea along with bug spray, a blanket, chairs for seating, sunscreen, plastic bags for trash, ear plugs, extra toilet paper (just in case), a flashlight with extra batteries. Vendors will be selling sundries (personal hygiene products, batteries, film, disposable cameras, ice, beer, etc.) Vendors will also be selling a variety of reasonably priced foods, beverages and snacks.

What Not To Bring

Don’t be Packin!

  • No illegal substances
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No canned music
  • No fireworks
  • No unauthorized vending will be allowed
  • No glass containers in concert areas
  • No coolers outside camping areas
  • No motorized vehicles (other than your car/truck/van)
  • No campfires, tiki torches or any other open flames. Please remember, we’ve been in a multi-year drought - and it only takes a few sparks to start a forest fire.

We cannot allow personal golf carts, four wheelers, or anything of this nature. We know they are fun and convenient, but due to our concern for your safety, and the safety of all others at the festival, we ask you to please leave them at home. The Day Celebration is unable to assume responsibility for all possible liabilities associated with personal vehicles. Thank you for your understanding.

On-Site Amenities

He Ain’t Give You None

Triple-B Farms is a “primitive camping” experience, however, provisions will include serviced port-a-johns, wash stations, first aid medical unit, and a designated bonfire/drum circle area. Ice, food and crafts vendors will be available Friday night through Saturday night. Vending will not take place Sunday morning. No electricity or phones are available, however, cell phone coverage should be adequate (don’t know your carrier, so no promises folks).


Just Gotta Poke Around

All the music, food vendors, crafters, and ice will be contained inside the fence in the infield. The camping area will be on the opposite side of the vending area so the walk between your camp and the main concert area will be short.

Arrangements for vending must be made in advance of the festival. No unauthorized vending allowed in the festival area or the campground. Offenders will be escorted from the park with NO REFUNDS! If you wish to be a vendor, download a vendor application.

Trash Disposal

Dear Prudence

PLEASE clean up your area before you depart. There will be a designated area to leave your trash bags. Take only memories (and photographs) and leave only footprints. Cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable and are picked up one by one after the festival. Do your part to help secure this beautiful venue and keep YOUR ticket price down by cleaning up after yourself. Thank you.

Security & Safety

Without A Net

  • Your safety is important to us. PLEASE do not drink and drive. If you need assistance at any time while at the Festival, please speak with The Day Celebration personnel or a security staff member (The Eleven).
  • According to Georgia law, all vehicles are subject to search by local law enforcement (due to this being a public event). So don’t get tangled up in blue!
  • Security will be available 24 hours a day throughout the festival grounds.
  • All security staff members will be easily identifiable.
  • If you have an emergency, please find a staff member, security personnel, or go to the medical tent.
  • Watch where you step (poison oak/ivy, snakes), especially if you camp along the wooded areas.

Dog Policy

Dire Wolves

No Dogs Allowed. We love dogs. The central issue is simply one of safety — for the dogs and for the people. No dogs are allowed either in the campground or the festival areas. The only exceptions are for verifiable handicap-access canines.