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We are excited about the line-up for The Day and have a few extra treats in store. Call us partial, but we think it’s one of the strongest regional line-ups we’ve seen... period!

Dubconscious Photo


Poised to become another name that's dropped when discussions of the world-class Athens, Georgia music scene commence, DubConscious embraces the role of torchbearer. The band has been testifying to impressed audiences throughout the fertile music cradle of the Southeast for years, and now plays to audiences all over the country. Genuinely uplifting live performances coupled with studio recordings that successfully harness the energy and healing nature of the genre they respect and export, the band is the personification of righteousness, and a perfect soundtrack to sway to. Adrian Zelski and James Keane share guitar duties while Jerry Hendelberg plays keys and Solomon Wright lays down bass. Matt Woolley and Scott Pridgen anchor the grooves with driving drum and percussion respectively, and the whole ensemble contributes to the multi-layered vocals. The Fare Thee Well Foundation is proud to have DubConscious headline our event. These guys really understand our charitable endeavors and personify our whole vibe. We give thanks!

Link to website – www.DubConscious.com

Blueground Undergrass Photo

Blueground Undergrass

Formed originally in 1998 by Jeff Mosier, Blueground Undergrass has developed a solid reputation and nationwide following by playing its multi-faceted music mix coast-to-coast. The band has always been known for exciting performances and eclectic arrangements. Its sonic wall of “twang” pleases the whole spectrum of fans from hippies to cloggers to rockers, taking Blueground Undergrass to the brink of almost moshpit energy, yet guiding each show with song-driven clarity along the way. Now coming full circle with the original line-up of Jeff Mosier on banjo, David Blackmon on fiddle, Johnny Mosier on guitar, Kyle Spark on bass, Mark Van Allen on pedal steel, and Vic Stafford on drums, BGUG is sharper than ever. When Fare Thee Well decided to host The Day Celebration, Blueground Undergrass was one of the first bands on our wish list – we love ‘em and so will you.

Link to website – www.bluegroundundergrass.com

Quark Alliance Photo

Col. Bruce Hampton & the Quark Alliance

Fare Thee Well is honored to have a living legend join The Day Celebration. Over the years, Col. Bruce Hampton (ret.) has fronted The Hampton Grease Band, The Late Bronze Age, and The Aquarium Rescue Unit. Now Col. Bruce is touring with guitarist Perry Osborn, drummer Mark Letalien, and bass player Kris Dale as The Quark Alliance. “The Colonel” plays his eclectic catalog of songs in addition to his new tunes from the 2007 CD Give Thanks To Chank… a brand new sound and smokin’ good.

Link to website – www.thequarkalliance.com

The Lee Boys Photo

The Lee Boys

“The Lee Boys are one of America’s finest African-American sacred steel ensembles. The Lee Boys, whose House of God-inspired sacred steel music may be what Jimi Hendrix had in mind with his grand plan for ‘electric sky church music.’ Part Robert Randolph, part Holmes Brothers, the Miami quintet sing the praises while whipping the crowd into a frenzy with hypnotic grooves, innovative pedal-steel/lead guitar interplay and funky rhythms (Chicago Sun Times).” This family group consists of three brothers, Alvin Lee (guitar), Derrick Lee and Keith Lee (vocals) along with their three nephews, Roosevelt Collier (pedal steel guitar), Alvin Cordy Jr. (7-string bass) and Earl Walker (drums). Each member began making music at the ages of 7 and 8 in the House of God church they attended in Perrine, FL. Fare Thee Well Foundation is ecstatic to have them join our festival and know many life-long Lee Boys fans will be made over the weekend.

Link to website – www.leeboys.com

Deep Blue Sun Photo

Deep Blue Sun

Deep Blue Sun is an original six-piece band from Atlanta who knows how to throw a party. Their high-energy blend of melodic rock, funk, bluegrass, and southern-fried soul, boils over with the solid harmonies and intricate songwriting that sets them apart from most other jam bands. Songwriters John Marsh on keyboard and Kate Moore on rhythm guitar lead a virtuoso cast of musicians with Matt Lynn’s winding guitar leads, Ben “Buddha” Hernandez’s heavy funk-laden bass, and the double shot of rhythm laid down by Ted Hoyer’s drums and Steve Baird’s percussion. With a superb new album on the streets, DBS is laying down tighter grooves than ever and Fare Thee Well is proud to have these good friends return for this year’s festival. Folks, don’t miss this set, whatever you do!

Link to website – www.deepbluesun.com

Photo Donna Hopkins

Donna Hopkins Band

As a songwriter, Donna Hopkins seasons swampy, Gulf Coast funkiness with angular voicings of extended and suspended chords. She lays down classic tension-and-release with a groove, and with lyrics revealing mileage, honesty and soul. The grooves come courtesy of bassist Justin Powell and drummer Richie Jones, who are always in the pocket and add solid harmonies. As a singer, Hopkins has a big, distinctive voice that effectively communicates varied emotions (Georgia Music Magazine). Fare Thee Well Foundation can’t say enough good things about DHB. They are one of the best blues-rock bands ANYWHERE and were proud to call them friends.

Link to website – www.donnahopkins.com

Ralph Roddenbery Band Photo

Ralph Roddenbery Band

Fare Thee Well Foundation is proud to unleash Ralph Roddenbery on ya! Ralph is a regional legend and one of the finest songwriters anywhere. The RRB’s unique blend of Americana & soulful rock pulls emotion from the crowd like no other. Ralph is backed by stars in there own right, Ted Norton on guitar, Richie Jones on drums, Tommy Jones on bass, and Samantha Alessi Jones singing backup. We don’t know how it’s possible, but Ralph seems to pour out more energy in festival settings, and here he’s amongst his best friends. A volatile combination? Stand back and watch the stage ignite.

Link to website – www.ralphroddenbery.com

Speakeasy Band Photo


Not one to leave a crowd standing in its proverbial shoes, Speakeasy has built an ever-loyal fan base by cultivating a party atmosphere at each and every show. The free-spirited nature of the band shines brilliantly in their live performances. Serving up blistering cuts of crunchy, groovy electricity, Speakeasy breaks through with a rock and roll swagger of only true performers. Fare Thee Well Foundation lured these guys from the mid-west to mix their brand of high-energy fun with friends down south. For those who haven’t seen them – get ready to be knocked out.

Link to website – www.speakeasyband.com

Laura Reed &Deep Pocket Photo

Laura Reed & Deep Pocket

Laura Reed & Deep Pocket fill the stage with captivating, soul shaking, conscious music. The crowd is emerged with lyrics of truth and a voice of intensity backed by bass, organ, and drums, horns, and harmonies reminiscent of the past days of Motown and funk. The roots of their sound and message stem from Laura’s diverse experience of growing up in South Africa and the American South. LR&DP is a star on the rise and Fare Thee Well Foundation is proud to have a native of the Asheville scene join us for some fun.

Link to website – www.laurareedanddeeppocket.com

Squirrelheads Photo

The Squirrelheads

Squirrelheads unite! Since 2001 The Squirrelheads have been dishing out the freshest New Orleans FUNK, Blues and Boogie this side of the Mississippi Delta. With a unique blend of New Orleans-influenced funk and good old Southern Soul, The Squirrelheads never fail to please. The keyboard player, Jamie Hood, has been known to shake things up with his squeezebox and guitarist Eric Murphy rips it on lead. Harold Patillo (Luthor of the bass people), Mike “McNutt” McKinney on drums and “BongoDave” Kaiser on percussion and washboard round out a musical blend that will insist you tap your feet and shake that thang. If you ain't groovin' then you ain't listenin' to The Squirrelheads.

Link to website – www.thesquirrelheads.com

Stop Drop &Roll Photo

Stop Drop & Roll

SDR kicked off Fare Thee Well Foundation's first festival and is sure to be a staple of many The Day Celebrations to come. With their rousing brand of bluegrass, funk-fusion and biting lyrics, these guys will ensure the party gets started, RIGHT! The brothers Mecredy, Scott on mando and Jay on guitar, play host to a merry carnival of good time musicians who will have you stompin’ your feet and shakin' your bones. Jeff Howard rips through strong melody lines on acoustic guitar, Zebulon Bowles provides near perfection on fiddle and the stellar rhythm section of Justin Powell on bass and Richie Jones on drums kicks everything into overdrive. If you ain't rollin' to these guys, you need a pacemaker grandma.

Link to website – www.myspace.com/stopdropandrollband

The Dappledgrays Photo

The Dappled Grays

Mandolinist, singer, and founding member of The Dappled Grays, Michael Smith is a major contributor to the band's progressive bluegrass sound. Guitarist, singer and co-founder of The Dappled Grays, Casey Cook got his start in bluegrass as a child in his family’s band. Fiddler and vocalist Leah Calvert is the newest and youngest member of the Dappled Grays. Her unique vocal stylings have been a driving force in the band’s new sound. Keith Morris is among the elite in bluegrass bass playing, taking the stage with such Bluegrass luminaries as Claire Lynch and Alison Krauss. Master five-string banjo player Greg Earnest brings the three T’s to the Dappled Grays: tone, taste, and timing. Headlining the Thursday night showcase, The Dappled Grays (master musicians ALL!) will set the tone for one special weekend of music.

Link to website – www.dappledgraysmusic.com/

The Virginia Daredevils Photo

The Virginia Daredevils

The Virginia Dare Devils are an astoundingly tight three piece bluegrass group from Asheville, N.C, named after the first European person born in the new world in 1584, Virginia Dare. Ironically, she was born in what later became Roanoke Island, North Carolina. The band is comprised of three accomplished musicians with Griff Martin on guitar and vocals, Scott Shuffler on bass, and Bobby Miller playing mandolin and vocals. The group relies heavily on the balance between melody and improvisation along with tight, high lonesome vocals. Fare Thee Well Foundation personally invited these guys down for our special late “family jam.” Need we say more?

Link to website – www.myspace.com/risinshinemusic

Big City Sunrise Band Photo

Big City Sunrise

Emerging as the jewel of the grass roots music scene and having shared bills with bands such as The Derek Trucks Band, MOFRO, members of Leftover Salmon, Jeff Coffin, Moonshine Still, and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Big City Sunrise has garnered quite a following by creating a unique and energetic atmosphere at every show. Fare Thee Well welcomes Big City Sunrise back again for a double shot of fun. We know you’ll love their brand of soulful, upbeat blues spiced with a dash of bluegrass and a hint of honky-tonk, as much as we do. BCS is Doug Meads on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Jeff Bynum on vocals, violin and lap steel, Chris Thacker plays guitar and mandolin, Adam Kahn provides bass, and Sam Steele layers percussion on top of Kevin Rainwater’s drums.

Link to website – www.bigcitysunrise.com

ToyTV Band Photo


When TOYTV takes the stage you’re liable to hear some savvy acoustic folk, some red eyed blues, some funked-up jazz and maybe even a spoken word rant or two. This isn’t the product of in-studio trickery or of accumulated trust funds but, rather, that of four close friends from various North Georgia Mountain locales who take their musicianship seriously. Composed of Richard Wells on guitar, Robert Worsham on bass and Jason Chumley on percussion, these guys are definitely on the Fare Thee Well Foundation’s “favorites” list.

Link to website – www.myspace.com/toytv

Big City Sunrise Band Photo

The Ramblers playing Dead’s Reckoning

Formed from the members of several regional bands and two of the Fare Thee Well Foundation directors, The Ramblers are the epitome of The Day Celebration’s vibe. Playing a dead-on version of the Grateful Dead’s Reckoning album, the Ramblers pay homage to the spirit that founded this charitable festival. We love you Jerry… not fade away!

Link to website – www.myspace.com/theramblersacousticdead

Soulhound Photo


Soulhound has been described as part James Brown funk, part Stevie Wonder soul, with the lyrical voice of Robert Bradley, all thrown in with some groovin' bass lines and powerful guitars. Clearly Soulhound are inspired disciples of the guitar-driven R&B, greasy Funk, jazzy Boogaloo and Soul of the late sixties and seventies. Rob Roth plays guitar and Oliver Nichols fronts the vocals. Byron Fullmer on drums and Ray “The Pocket” Bivens on Bass provide one funky rhythm section. Ahhhhhh! Friday afternoon in the sun with Soulhound. Fare Thee Well asks, “What could be better?”

Link to website – www.soulhound.com

Electric Codpiece Band Photo

Electric Codpiece

They are codtastic crowd-pleasers! Need we say more? Kickin' off the whole shebang is a band that is new on the scene, but already making waves. So provocative they have to use pseudonyms, "The Codfather" Dave Bard plays Mandolin, "The Living Legend" Bryan Lee Morris is on Lead Guitar, Don "Drumho" Whitaker kicks the drums, Kevin "the sheet" Ponton plays guitar, Brian "Bones" O'Neil tickles the keys and Michael "Hurly" Hurwitz walks the bass. Fare Thee Well welcomes these good friends with open arms!

Link to website – www.myspace.com/electriccodpiece

BolderMonkey Band Photo


Based out of Atlanta, GA, BolderMonkey is acoustic Americana with a Southern charm that can only be described as warm, hospitable, and cutting. With a unique mixture of instruments, harmonies, and songs, BolderMonkey dishes up its own special Georgia flavor. Spike Brantley provides vocals and rhythm guitar; Kenny Smith - plays lead guitar; Les Horn is the Professor of Bass; Roberto rocks the percussion and harmonica; and Thom Jenkins rounds out this eclectic band with fife, drum and spirit.

Link to website – www.myspace.com/boldermonkeymusic

Sound Punch Band Photo

Sound Punch!

If ever a band’s name perfectly described their sound, this is it. The veteran trio - Ron Burns (drums and vocals), Larry Harrison (guitars and vocals), and Tony Stiakakis (keyboards, bass and vocals) - came together in the early spring of 2008, and the impact was as immediate as the name implies. The musical chemistry gelled so easily that the need to write and perform original music was inevitable. Their sound is punchy (pun intended) and their songs are as catchy as the classic rock gems that inspired them.

Link to website – www.myspace.com/soundpunch

The Planet Riders Band Photo

The Planet Riders

To round out our Georgia-based festival, The Planet Riders will add their tasty brand of home-grown rock. With veteran artists like lead vox and guitarist Joe Kirkpatrick and Mark Van Allen (Blueground Undergrass) on pedal steel, The Planet Riders can’t help but move the crowd. Jere Kirk on drums, Ed Armas on bass and Brian Turk on rhythm complete one of Georgia’s best up-and-coming bands.

Link to website – www.myspace.com/theplanetriders

Funkle Fatback Band Photo

Funkle Fatback

These guys rock the house with a selection of Funk, Rock, Blues and originals that’ll shake your leg! Deep fried in fatback; some of the best players around. Paul Reid-guitar, Wayne (b@man) McMichael-guitar and keys, Bob White-Bass, Jimmy Nolan-vocals and harmonica & Tim Whitlock-drums, are capable of high flying daredevil guitar antics. But three rings won’t hold these musical aces. You want to see some musical magic, don’t miss Funkle Fatback. Frying at a Celebration near you!

Link to website – www.myspace.com/funklefatback

Photo - Rebecca Jean Smith

Rebecca Jean Smith & Johnny Evans

This duo has been playing music together through the years. RJ has been out on the road for a two-year solo run, so she enjoys every sit down with Mr. Evans. The music can be described as a sort of Americana-Voodoo. With themes ranging from blackmail and murder, to love gone wrong, RJ has a taste for storytelling. Check out her newly released album, Ode to the Ghost Rose.

Link to website – www.rebeccajeansmith.com

Photo - Brian Burgess

Brian Burgess

Hailing from Orlando, Brian currently performs with a host of groups in a range of musical genres. These include: Curious Circus, his latest big-band, electric original-improv extravaganza; Trial By Stone, a rootz-reggae, in which he plays alto sax; Burgess 'n' Berry, an acoustic duo with the fantabulous Avis Berry; and Dead Keys, a strictly Grateful Dead, Tallahassee super-star amalgamation.

Link to website – www.myspace.com/kalapa


Bands inquires, please contact us at jamie@thedaycelebration.com